Artist Statement

Alexis Marie Chute, MFA, BFA

For decades I have been told I must choose: “Be a painter or a photographer or a writer.” Fortunately, I have not listened. I am a visual and literary artist, an author, documentary filmmaker, and advocate. I thrive in pushing the boundaries of traditional approaches to art-making. Across my many creative roles, the overarching connection in my work is that of storytelling.

Narrative is crucial in my art; the idea of connecting the dots and finding the threads that bind everything together. Even when there is no answer to a question, the search is transformative. Sharing stories through my work, I have been honoured to connect with others, a process which invites them to be vulnerable themselves. I often invite others into the art-making through collaboration. Art is the language which facilitates all this, expressing the often inexpressible qualities of the human experience.

Themes in my work include mortality, spirituality, transformation, connection, nature, healing, and resiliency. My approach begins with a concept to which I let the materials that move me become central. I paint, create fine art photographs, build wood sculpture and wall based sculptural art, write prose and poetry – and frequently combine these 2D and 3D materials, and literary art, in distinctive ways. My various styles of approach all speak to each other and interconnect.

My current work has been visually compared to pixels, cityscapes, musical patterns, Alice in Wonderland, maps and grids, and a house of cards. I am interested in the exploration between man-made and naturally occurring materials.