Commission or Rent Artwork

Wow factor

Alexis Marie Chute accepts commissions in painting, photography and mixed-media art.


5 Reasons to Commission Alexis Marie:

  1. GET EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT. Perfect colour, size and style for your budget.
  2. WOW FACTOR. One-of-a-kind focal point & conversation piece.
  3. DEEPER MEANING. A personal connection to the art and artist.
  4. A FUN EXPERIENCE. Partake in the creative process.
  5. APPRECIATING INVESTMENT. Artwork by an award winning emerging artist.


5 Reasons to Rent Artwork by Alexis Marie:

  1. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY. Live with the art to see if it’s right for you.
  2. EXPERIENCE VARIETY. Rotate-in artwork to keep your space fresh.
  3. IMPRESSIVE SIZE & QUALITY. Large, distinctive art becomes affordable.
  4. SELLING & STAGING. Beautiful art increases the value of its location.
  5. A GRADUAL INVESTMENT. Rental installments are easy to manage.

For commission and rental inquiries, please contact the Artist:

To rent from one of the galleries that represent Alexis Marie, click here.

left quote mark transparent 2 We were instantly attracted to Alexis Marie’s style and enthusiastic personality. She was able to create a beautiful series of art that matched our style and enhanced our home. It truly is the focus of conversation when we have guests over. It is a pleasure to own such stunning, unique pieces of art.”

Fred & Cara Lobay, Art Patrons

left quote mark transparent 2 We commissioned Alexis Marie to paint a triptych for our home and were absolutely delighted with the result!  After visiting us at our home and asking for our input,  we were amazed at how she created artwork that was vibrant and dynamic and so in keeping with our vision. A pleasure to work with, Alexis Marie is a fascinating and creative artist, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.”

Bob Duke & Charlotte Robb, Art Patrons