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Alexis Marie Chute is a painter, photographer, sculptor and mixed-media artist.

left quote mark transparent 2 I am fortunate to have ten pieces by Alexis Marie exhibited in our home; paintings, photography, and mixed media.  I was drawn to the vitality of Alexis Marie’s work.  I am captivated by the movement that I see in her pieces.  They are engaging and thought-provoking.  Her pieces exude her passion for life.”

Kimberly Kelly, Art Patron

5 Reasons to Purchase:

  1. COLLECT AN UP-AND-COMING ARTIST. Alexis Marie’s artwork is exhibited and represented internationally.
  2. THE “OMG” RESPONSE. Her distinctive look is a strong statement that sparks conversation.
  3. SURROUND YOURSELF WITH ORIGINALITY. Define yourself and your space with one-of-a-kind art.
  4. AN EXCITING INVESTMENT. Art that’s enjoyable today and a financial asset tomorrow.
  5. SUPPORT PASSION & CREATIVITY. Alexis Marie is a ground-breaking & forward-thinking artist.

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