15 Reasons to Submit to InFocus Photo

The deadline for Canadian photographers to submit to InFocus Photo Exhibit and Award is October 30, 2016! That is only 9 days away! Now is not the time for procrastination; SUBMIT TODAY!


The mission of InFocus is to promote and exhibit innovative, thoughtful, and provocative photography created by Canada’s contemporary image makers.

The call for submissions is open to professionals, armatures and students alike. We want to see forward thinking photography that capitalizes on the strengths and subtleties of the medium and takes image-making to a new level.

The goal is to exhibit the best photography from the country!


Here are 15 reasons you should submit to InFocus:


1. See your photography hung in The Front Gallery, one of Edmonton’s most important artistic hubs. Read more about The Front Gallery by clicking here.


2. Your work will be featured in Exposure Photography Festival, a critical festival of photography in the country.

Exposure Photography Festival Alexis Marie Chute art BLOG

3. Participate in the InFocus Photo People’s Choice Award competition, with the chance to win the cash prize from VISTEK.

 “Eye of the Storm” © Aidan Guerra, InFocus Photo People’s Choice Award winner 2016

“Eye of the Storm” © Aidan Guerra, InFocus Photo People’s Choice Award winner 2016


4. PhotoEd Magazine will be publishing a feature on InFocus and you could see one of your images included in the spread.


5. Sell your work during InFocus. The gallery and InFocus Team will encourage art patrons to support photographers and our creative community in this way.

InFocus Photo Exhibit 2016 Alexis Marie Chute Curator 01

6. Become a part of the InFocus Alumni and network with other photographers and professionals during exhibit and afterwards.

InFocus 2015 Alumni Photographers

InFocus 2015 Alumni Photographers


7. Snatch up a volunteer opportunity with InFocus Exhibit 2017 to gain experience mounting and running an exhibition. Email Alexis Marie to find out how to help


8. Add this noteworthy exhibition to help grow your creative CV.


9. Attend a rockin’ reception party on Thursday, February 9, 2017 at 6-9pm with live music and yummy snacks (and invite your family and friends!).

The Front Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The Front Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

10. Have your work discussed for its merits and inclusion in the show by curator Alexis Marie Chute. This takes place during the Curator Talk on Thursday, February 9 at 7pm in the gallery.

InFocus 001

11. Immerse yourself in photography, discover other image-makers from across the country, learn from them AND take your own work to the next level.

12. Each photographer’s Artist Statement and CV will be displayed at the exhibit to educate the visitors about your work.

13. Have something cool to talk about on Facebook and Twitter other than what you had for breakfast (although we’re sure it was delicious!).

14. Take advantage of InFocus’s national platform to bring more attention to your hard work.

15. Finally, just like the InFocus theme (THE FUTURE), your participation in InFocus will set you apart as a noteworthy photographer to watch.



Submit to InFocus Photo Exhibit by clicking here. Deadline October 31, 2015!

Like InFocus Photo Exhibit on Facebook.

Follow InFocus Photo on Twitter.


Perks of Winning the InFocus People’s Choice Award

There are so many awesome perks of participating in InFocus Photo Exhibition in general, such as nation-wide recognition for your work and participation in a group show in a stunning gallery space. But, the exhibition is just one part of InFocus.

How the InFocus People’s Choice Award works:

Every year, InFocus hosts a People’s Choice Award competition. The curator, yours truly, chooses one image from every photographer selected for the show. These images go online for one month. JANUARY. During that time, the public can go online and vote for their favorite. Part of the fun is getting all your family and friends online to cast their votes your way.

Last year, the race to the award title was exciting! We had over 2,000 votes. During the curator talk at the opening reception, VISTEK, the award sponsor, presented the winner with cash to their store.

The winner of the 2016 InFocus Photo People’s Choice Award was Aidan Guerra:

“Eye of the Storm” © Aidan Guerra, InFocus Photo People’s Choice Award winner 2016

“Eye of the Storm” © Aidan Guerra, InFocus Photo People’s Choice Award winner 2016



This year, there are some really great perks for winning the InFocus Photo People’s Choice Award.

  • You win a cash prize to VISTEKVistek_ InFocus Photo Exhibit Peoples Choice Award
  • You will have your winning image featured as a part of the spread on InFocus in PhotoEd magazine



  • Plus bragging rights of course. The title of “InFocus Photo People’s Choice Award Winner” looks awfully good on a CV.


Well, hopefully these awesome perks are more than reason enough to enter InFocus. Truly, this is a wonderful, home-grown exhibition with heaps of national pride and creative flare. Please don’t delay to enter. Here are the details:


Enter by October 16, 2016 for regular rate – $25 for 3 images

Extended deadline October 30, 2016 – $35 for 3 images

Enter online at

Learn more about InFocus at

Happy submitting!



Show your Photography at The Front Gallery

The Front Gallery is a beautiful creative space located in the heart of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It is the perfect place to host a nation-wide exhibition of the best photography Canada has to offer. This is an exhibition you need to be a part of. InFocus Photography Exhibit and Award strives to present the current cultural climate of photography in the country. This is a major photographic-survey you want to be a part of.



The Front Gallery is pleased to be able to feature Edmonton’s artistic diversity in a relaxed and welcoming environment. Whether catering to serious collectors or the casual passer-by, The Front Gallery is an inviting environment to engage with art that speaks to people about new ideas and ways of seeing.

The art exhibited at The Front Gallery comes from both Canadian and international artist and extends from traditional landscapes to more challenging contemporary pieces, all of which have the ability to surprise, delight and inspire it’s audiences.

Our passion at The Front Gallery is in providing a relaxed and inviting environment where the first connection between a person and a work of art can open the mind to a dialogue that will last a lifetime.


Enter by October 16, 2016 for regular rate – $25 for 3 images

Extended deadline October 30, 2016 – $35 for 3 images

Enter online at

Learn more about InFocus at


the-front-gallery-infocus-photo-exhibit-alexis-marie-chute the-front-gallery-4-infocus-photo-exhibit-alexis-marie-chute the-front-gallery-3-infocus-photo-exhibit-alexis-marie-chute the-front-gallery-2-infocus-photo-exhibit-alexis-marie-chute

Exposure Photography Festival broadens its scope to include all of Alberta


Exposure, a festival that celebrates the art of photography, is taking a bold new direction today by expanding its reach embracing an even wider geographical area and, more importantly, providing greater opportunities for photographers and lovers of photography across Alberta to become involved in a visual arts festival of the highest calibre.

“As the Chair of the Festival I am pleased to announce that Exposure 2015 will be a province-wide photography festival,” said Peter Duthie.  “Now galleries and independent photographers from across Alberta will be able to participate in a month-long  photography Festival this February.

Adding, “During the previous decade Exposure has proven itself to be one of the premiere visual arts events in Canada by attracting diverse photographic expression from Alberta and other parts of Canada and the world and showcasing it through collaborative exhibitions and special events.”

In Its first 10 years, Exposure programming was focused on the communities of Calgary, Banff and Canmore.

Exposure will continue to operate throughout the month of February with submissions now being sought from Alberta-based artists and gallerists. Exhibitions and events will be featured in a professionally published guide and on the festival’s website.  Exposure also hosts photography related presentations and workshops during the month of February.

Internationally recognized photographer Larry Louie is an example of an artist who now has the opportunity to participate in Exposure. Based in Edmonton, Louie will present an exhibition of his sumptuous black & white works capturing the daily life and struggles of people in the developing world. Another Edmonton venue already booked for Exposure 2015 is Harcourt House featuring the photographic works of award-winning artist Alexis Marie Chute.

Exposure is truly a celebration of photography in all its forms,” said Duthie. “Tens of thousands of people each February have participated in Exposure and now all four million Albertans are invited.”

For more information go to, or contact Festival manager Wes Lafortune at T. 403-919-2502 or email at:

International Call for volunteers for The Quiet Rebuild Portraits

Have you experienced tragedy, hardship, struggle? Are you rebuilding your life after this event?

The Quiet Rebuild Portraits feature individuals, couples, families and support groups that have been through many types of life challenges but continue to pressing on. I find these people wildly inspiring. I wish to give them a voice and put a face to the often unspoken sorrow and resiliency of the human experience.

Please get in touch if you would like to participate. Being photographed for The Quiet Rebuild can be a healing step in itself and many of the models have told me it was a milestone and moment of pride for them along a challenging road.

The photographs in this body of work are already being exhibited internationally and will, in the not too distant future, be made into a book. This is a great opportunity to be a part of something truly profound.

In 2014 I will be traveling to the following locations and am looking for volunteers in these cities. (If you are from elsewhere, anywhere in the world, please still contact me – I’d love to photograph you. I will soon be booking other locations, specifically based on interest.)



Toronto, Ontario

Edmonton, Alberta

Calgary, Alberta



Cambridge, Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts

Chicago, Illinois

San Antonio, Texas

Phoenix, Arizona

Scottsdale, Arizona


European locations TBD 


Please contact me by email ( for more information.


Northlands Award for Emerging Artist, Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts

On Monday, April 29, 2013 the Mayor’s Celebration of Arts kicks off its 26th year recognizing stars of the Edmonton arts community and its partnerships with local businesses. It is an exciting event – one of which I am honoured to be a part. I have been nominated for the Northlands Award for an Emerging Artist. My category is by far the largest with fourteen artists in the running, including myself.

No matter who wins, I am thrilled that our city has an event that celebrates artists and artist-friendly businesses. I believe the wonderful talent in our city needs recognition and encouragement. We are a creative group without doubt!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my nominator: Harcourt House and specifically the amazing Derek Brooks. The support of Harcourt House is an artist’s dream and every day of my residency I am immensely thankful for the organization’s belief and support of me and my work. There is no hesitation when I say that Harcourt House has played a pivotal role in my artistic development. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Please attend this exciting event with me!

Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts

Winspear Centre, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

7:00pm, Monday, April 29, 2013

Purchase tickets at the Winspear.


I’d like to celebrate everyone nominated in my category!

Northlands Award for an Emerging Artist

100 mile house nominated by Al Chapman

Patrick Arès-Pilon nominated by Mile Zero Dance

Giselle Boehm nominated by March Music Inc & The School of Song

Justin Brunelle nominated by Parkland Films

Alexis Marie Chute nominated by Harcourt House

Giselle Denis nominated by Lisa Evangelos

Dave Luxton nominated by Kids Up Front Foundation Edmonton

Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail nominated by Natasha Deen

Jessy Mossop nominated by Rob Tanner

Omar Mouallem nominated by Lisa Baroldi, Director/Vision Holder, Progress Unlimited

Jason Lee Norman nominated by Lamya Asiff

Mary Pinkoski nominated by Leila Sidi

Erin Elizabeth Ross nominated by Michael Dub

Sean Sonego nominated by Witold L. Gutter


Good luck and see you at the Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts!

Olympic Inspirations, Nathan Gafuik’s Return to the High Bar

I love watching gymnastics and the athletes at the Olympics are such a treat. Luckily I turned on the coverage of the men’s qualifications just in time to cheer for Canada’s Nathan Gafuik on the high bar. During his routine I held my breath as he fell from the bar in a particularly stunning component. As Gafuik composed himself, the commentators report that this fall has knocked him out of the qualifications, ending his 2012 Olympic run. I expected Gafuik to return to the bench, but to my surprise he instead remounted and finished his routine.

I am sure this is standard practice, but I felt encouraged to see this display of sportsmanship. It is easy in life to get knocked down, lose our footing, take a hard fall – the challenging part is getting back up. If I were in Nathan Gafuik’s place, being the emotional person that I am, I probably would have started crying and the last thing I would want to do is go back onto the high bar to finish.

People will remember the fall, but also the class and professionalism that Gafuik brings to his sport. I believe that returning to the high bar after a devastating fall is a psychological accomplishment for the athlete. They immediately ‘get back on the horse’ so to speak; they are forced to confront fear and embarrassment to complete their routine. In the end I am sure this makes all the difference for their career whether they realize it or not.

I often feel like a fallen artist. Applications come back with stale rejections; the work I pour my heart into seems doomed for my admiration only. When I compare my chosen career to my husband’s more conventional job, I feel frustrated at the difficulty for a young artist to break into the art scene and the continual need to prove yourself over and over again. Most professions do not require such exhausting self promotion.

Despite this maddening aspect of my chosen profession, I feel encouraged by the sportsmanship of the Olympic athletes. They fall, but pull themselves up at once and finish. It is not how many times you fall or how hard but how you finish that counts.

My wise mother often reminds me, “It’s easy to assume that great artists simply fall into a lucky break, but they would probably tell you otherwise. We don’t get to see all the years of labor, tears and mounds of rejection letters that brought them to the level that they have achieved.”

Never give up. Let’s psychologically strengthen ourselves as creative individuals, immediately pull ourselves back up onto the high bar, back into our passions and return to our routine as if our art depends on it. And it does.